King, Clibborn announce bipartisan legislation for compliance with federal REAL ID Act

OLYMPIA—In a bipartisan bill announced by the two chairs of the Washington legislature’s transportation committees, Sen. Curtis King and Rep. Judy Clibborn say that they have arrived at an equitable solution to the state’s need to comply with the federal mandates of the REAL ID Act of 2005.

King, R-Yakima, and Clibborn, D-Mercer Island, introduced legislation Tuesday which will resolve outstanding conflicts with the federal legislation. “To ensure citizens have uninterrupted access to air travel and federal facilities like JBLM, we needed to get our state in compliance with the federal mandate,” said Sen. King. “We’ve had extensive deliberation on the best approach and I’m pleased with the result.”

“It’s important for travelers to know that this isn’t a problem today, or even next year—and that we are working together on a bipartisan solution.” added Rep. Clibborn

The bills, Senate Bill 5008,and House Bill 1041, were prefiled for consideration in the 2017 legislative session.