Committee to put reform bills first when transportation-package discussion begins today

Today’s Senate Transportation Committee meeting will feature the start of public hearings on the proposed bipartisan transportation package announced this past week.  

The eight bills slated for hearings today constitute the reform leg of the 11-bill package.

“The residents of this state have spoken loud and clear that they want to see changes in the state transportation department,” said Sen. Curtis King, committee chair. “I could not agree more. To that end I made sure that this proposal was a complete package with reforms first, revenue second.” 

“It has taken nearly three years to get to this point. I’m excited for people to hear the details of these accountability and cost-saving measures as they move through the legislative process,” said King, R-Yakima. 

“The people of this state are smart – they know what it takes to grow jobs and the economy,” said King. “This transportation package is not just about roads, bridges and buses. It’s about a huge economic return on investment for our state. The citizens want an infrastructure that moves us forward, not holds us back, in a way that uses their money wisely. This proposal does just that.”